DJ/Producer from suburb of Paris , is first of all, a crate-digger, hip-hop and vinyl lover .

After years of turntablism, he met Elpidio and started to work with him in the Music Industry through their Artists management Agency.
Quickly he will be DJ for various artists on stage or in studio, this will lead naturally for him to beat production.

Child of The 90s, he uses only breaks and samples that he crafts with the usual suspects, SP 1200, S950, E6400 ultra and MPC 60, to create a warm, dusty and hypnotic sound.

With musical influences going from The Bomb Squad, Lord Finesse, Easy Mo Bee to Beatminerz and Madlib, his projects are both instrumentals and in collaboration with artists sharing the same vision of Hip-Hop: A.G, Sadat X, The Legion, Rah Digga, Awon, Don Streat, Conway, Nolan The Ninja, B.White, REAK, Beya, T.F.T …


Odweeyne Press Kit



Photo by Jimmy Tirolien for JTN Prod.

Photo by Jimmy Tirolien for JTN Prod.


from Saint-Denis (93), is a Hip Hop activist since 1985 – Tagger, Dancer, Rapper (93 MC, 93 NTM, PSYKOPAT) – After collaborations with NTM in the first three albums:

1991 : Authentik (with NTM)

1993 : J’appuie sur la gâchette (with NTM)

1995 : Paris sous les bombes (with NTM)

he formed the Hip Hop group with Animalxxx « Psykopat » in 1992. Their first album, « The Invasion » will be released in 1998 (Prod by DJ Concepteur Detonateur « S »,  DJ MAC et RAZEE)

 The duo will continue with:

« Raziel«  O.S.T from the game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

« Politik Street«  EP with Ekoué (La Rumeur) and Yazid.

 » Qu’est-ce qu’y a?!«   second album released in 2004.

« Antholopsy«  compilation in 2007.

After some featuring, REAK decided in 2015 to focus on preparing his first solo project. 

His Ep « ROC » was released on September 29, 2017 on SO CRACKED LAB®.

REAK  Press Kit « ROC »